CLEY15: Marvellous in Ordinary

I have had my proposal for a work accepted for the exhibition Cley 15 which takes place for a month in July (in North Norfolk) and has around 7,000 visitors.
The photograph below shows a small sample to give an idea of materials and technique. The final panel size is 8ft by 4ft.


The woven textiles will be sourced from local charity shops and the colours will be strong, but natural, with a few subtle colour changes. The textile is singed and burnt. The piece echoes local features, worn bricks and stone, fishing nets and the textures and contours of the land and sea both of which can be seen through the spaces in between.

The work will be sited within the church grounds overlooking Newgate Green where a fire destroyed 117 houses in 1612.

Being outside, the wind will blow through it and gently sing as it blows, and perhaps rearrange it a little. The colours may begin to change through the action of the sun and rain which reflects my interest in the impact of time on objects including weathering and patina.

The work also incorporates my interest in the grid (net) structure and the idea suggested by Agnes Martin that, for her, it represented innocence. My work takes simplicity (innocence), particularly of the base materials, as its core but acknowledges (and celebrates) the toll that the world takes on us and which has shaped both the landscape and buildings which will surround the work.

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