Piece by piece


Cinefoil is aluminium sheet with a matt black surface which can be scratched and rubbed to expose the silver underneath. It is used in the film industry for directing and modifying light.

In this work I was exploring not just the cinefoil material but also the nature of space so 100 cinefoil squares take up an area of 20cm x 30cm and yet constructed like this its is a fraction of that and each very thin piece adds to the other and creates a substantial block, which although light when picked up, has a sense of weight about it.

The work is also about fragmentation and holding things together. The individual sheets are pulled together and held by the copper nail.  I used copper to signify healing or holding and to create the wholeness.  Copper slows down the growth of germs and is used in applications such as food preparation, hospitals, coins, door knobs and plumbing systems. It is also an excellent conductor of heat, electricity or data and water and is used for in bracelets for easing arthritis.

From an aesthetic perspective it is an attractive colour and it works with heat and chemicals to produce attractive, but unreliable, colour and surface changes.

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