Gallery 2

Short-listed for Bishop’s Art Prize, Hostry, Norwich June 2018

Paulownia wood, gold leaf and black acrylic paint



What Remains

An exploration of the breakdown down of the grid

MA and Postgraduate Show Millfield Gallery 2018





Dye print on Tyvek

Wells Maltings Summer Exhibition 2018



Very fine threads of glass arranged on a flat-bed scanner and photographed


1 (3)

Each glass drop is a unique combination of the flame, gravity and my emerging skill and attempts to make them the same are reminding me that giving up some control creates space for the unexpected

Hand-pulled glass and found stone

6 (2)

Paper and thin glass stick



Crushed and moulded cinefoil



     A small memorial

Vintage cotton textile and Paverpol creates a stone-like work.


Glass slides and found bronze



Glass and acrylic paint