Keron Beattie

I have a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Contemporary Art and Design (2016) and a MA Fine Art with Distinction (2018)

My work is concerned with fragmentation, remaking, re-connection and wholeness and the potential of materials to interact, change and transform particularly in response to eternal forces such as heat or pressure. Working in this way brings into my work as an artist my experiences of working as a mediator within areas of conflict and disagreement. It is also my response, as an artist, to a world which feels increasingly fragmented and damaged and through which I create a hope of order, or at least briefly held chaos.

My work is usually small scale which, together with using found or recycled objects and materials, keeps my carbon footprint as low as possible. Working small also encourages careful looking (and often holding) and the discovery of layers of time recorded in the work.

Working by hand encourages a way of seeing and then re-seeing the materials and allows new ideas and generally works by hand using traditional tools and techniques, a process which, for me, links past present and future as the new work emerges. The slower process of forms to emerge in a reflective dialogue with the materials which is a key part of my practice.

Keron in studio